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Valerie is a Puerto Rican actor, singer,

and artist based in New York.

Broadway Debut:
Camelot 2023

Originally matriculated for Pre-Medical studies, she recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance from the University of Florida. During her time at university she was able to participate in the world of stagecraft, costuming, lighting, direction, choreography, photography and record-keeping as well as serving as a student representative and, of course, performing. She was also fortunate enough to attend intensives like The Performing Arts Project and the American Theatre Wing's Springboard NYC.

Y más:

Since graduating, she has worked regionally in the United States as a performer and theatre educator. Ever the student herself, Valerie enjoys using her free time to learn languages, study human physiology, read, paint, attempt new recipes, and research all varieties of topics. She is curious about the world and excited for the experiences and challenges ahead, discoveries to make, and the lessons to be learned. Above all, she aspires to help, encourage, and give light to others. 

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